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The Fabrication Process of the Vertical Turbine Generator Welded Structure Rotor Bracket

In the ever-evolving landscape of renewable energy, advancements in hydroelectric power generation systems play a pivotal role in shaping a sustainable future. One groundbreaking innovation that takes center stage is the fabrication process of the vertical turbine generator welded structure rotor bracket. This article provides an in-depth exploration of this manufacturing journey, highlighting each crucial step and the transformative impact on the clean energy sector.

Hydrogenerator rotor bracket

Step 1: Design and Engineering Challenges in Traditional Radial Structures

The journey begins with a critical examination of the traditional radial structure of the rotor bracket in a vertical turbine generator unit. This component, although central to the rotor's functionality, presented a host of challenges. Its complex, large, and rigid radial design, subject to intricate forces, required meticulous machining after the rotor shaft's completion. The subsequent thermal fitting of the heated rotor bracket onto the rotor shaft, coupled with the welding of the rib plate, lower ring plate, and hub as an integral unit, posed challenges in maintaining concentricity and incurred significant manufacturing costs.

Step 2: A Paradigm Shift - The Welded Structure Rotor Bracket

The Welded Structure Rotor Bracket introduces a paradigm shift in design philosophy. This innovative approach eliminates the traditional thermal fitting process by adopting an integral welding structure. The core components - rotor shaft, rib plates, upper ring plate, lower ring plate, and vertical ribs - are seamlessly welded together, transforming into a unified and robust integral structure.

Step 3: Benefits of the Integral Welding Structure

The advantages of this integral welding structure are multifaceted. The single-axis design of the rotor shaft, combined with the welding of rib plates on its outer cylindrical surface, provides structural integrity and simplifies the fabrication process. The integration aligns the axis of the rotor shaft precisely with the outer circle of the rotor bracket, eliminating eccentricity issues that plagued traditional radial designs.

Hydrogenerator rotor bracket 1

Step 4: Enhanced Efficiency and Reliability

By aligning the rotor shaft's axis with the outer circle of the rotor bracket, the integral welding structure minimizes axial runout. This reduction significantly enhances the safety and reliability of the vertical turbine generator unit during operation. The elimination of the thermal fitting structure also streamlines the manufacturing process, saving time and reducing costs.

Step 5: Cost-Effective Manufacturing and Reduced Machining

The integral welding structure not only eliminates the need for the hub thermal fitting but also reduces the machining required in the mating section of the rotor shaft and hub. This substantial reduction in machining time and complexity translates to a more cost-effective manufacturing process, aligning with the broader goal of making renewable energy solutions economically viable.

Step 6: Reliability in Torque Transmission

The torque transmission mechanism sees a fundamental shift with the integral welding structure. The weld seam of the rib plates and the rotor shaft replaces the traditional tight fit associated with hub thermal fitting, ensuring a reliable and secure transmission of torque between the rotor bracket and the rotor shaft.


The fabrication process of the vertical turbine generator welded structure rotor bracket not only addresses the challenges posed by traditional radial structures but also heralds a new era in hydroelectric power generation. This innovative approach, with its integral welding structure, sets the stage for enhanced efficiency, reduced manufacturing costs, and increased reliability in the operation of vertical turbine generators. As the global push for clean and sustainable energy solutions intensifies, such advancements underscore the industry's commitment to transformative technologies that pave the way towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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