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CMM Inspection of Large Metal Parts

CMMs are industrial inspection tools that measure the dimensional accuracy of manufactured goods. This is a crucial step to monitoring production quality to ensure large-sized parts meet design specifications for use in critical applications. At Openex, we combine high quality manufacturing with CMM inspection services to produce excellent goods for our customers.
At Present, we have three( one ZEISS MMZ G large bridge CMM, one ZEISS ACCURA II bridge CMM, and one laser tracker Leica AT901) different machines used for coordinate measuring and each machine is handled by fully qualified and skilled members of our team.

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CMM inspection for large parts

ZEISS MMZ G Large Bridge CMM

Large bridge-type machines in the ZEISS MMZ G line meet the highest demands: they feature the largest measuring range of all measuring machines offered by ZEISS and offer you unparalleled accuracy. This makes the ZEISS MMZ G ideal for checking complex, extremely large workpieces, especially those with tight tolerances.

Inspection capability
Measuring range: 4000 x 7000 x 3000mm
Measuring accuracy: 4.3+L/325μm


ZEISS ACCURA measuring machine is a tailored one.Every size of the ZEISS ACCURA comes with a maximized measuring range. This guarantees measuring accuracy into the corners.ZEISS ACCURA comes standard with VAST navigator technology to enable even faster calibration, approach and scanning, as well as improved precision.

Measuring range: 2000 x 3000 x 1500mm
Measuring accuracy: 2.9 +L/300 µm

CMM Inspection for large metal parts
laser tracker inspection

Leica AT901 Laser Tracker

The Leica Tracker AT901 is a portable measurement system that relies on a laser beam to accurately measure and inspect in a spherical volume of up to 160 m [525 ft.] It is equipped with PowerLock which allows the 901 to lock on to the target automatically as soon as it is within view of the sensor. This allows the operator to focus on the part they need to measure without constantly worrying about the laser tracker and whether or not they have broken the beam.

  • Measurement volume Ø160 metres
  • 1,000 Hz measurement allows dynamic data capture
  • Measuring Accrancy MPE Value: ± 15 µm + 6 µm/m

Specialists in Large Part Machining

Openex excels at quality assurance, and our customers turn to us for start to finish manufacturing services. When exact adherence to dimensionality and complex product designs is essential, we provide in-house machining, finishing, and inspection services to ensure high quality products.
We specialize in creating large and oversized parts. Our quality assurance program maintains a long list of advanced testing and measuring equipment for the inspection of large workpieces. Since large projects often pose complications, such as warping and other structural problems, it’s important to choose a manufacturer that has experience working with large parts.

As part of our quality assurance program, we complete several steps to monitor the dimensionality and production quality of each part using our high-tech equipment, such as CMMs.

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About Openex

Openex is home to a full-service, one-stop-shop, contract manufacturing company producing custom large machined parts and fabrications. Our full large fabrication services including large machining, cutting, welding, rolling, punching, braking, testing, painting, and others.
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