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Metal Fabrication and Machining for Oil & Gas Industry

Our experience covers almost the complete range of oil and gas components required for Upstream, Midstream and Downstream applications. Due to the continuous improvement required for higher productivity of refineries and petrochemical plants, the thickness, diameter and weight of reactors and vessels have increased drastically and reached the limits of the current manufacturing technology.

We have delivered equipment up to 310 mm thick and a maximum weight of 1000 tons in one single piece.
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pressure vessels

Our workshop is fully equipped with a comprehensive list of modern equipment for welding, machining, rolling, forming, and clapping.

Our fabrication skills and competencies have prepared us to adequately deal with a wide range of equipment for oil&gas applications.

Our focus is on the most challenging jobs. High-end, reliable facilities and skilled workers have enabled the company to specialize in manufacturing pressure vessels of exceptional characteristics.

Our range of experience includes:

  • Tube Sheets
  • Waste Heat Boilers
  • Reboilers
  • Oil Coolers
  • Gas Compressor Coolers
  • Packed and Trayed Internals
  • Half-pipe and Conventional Jackets
  • Internal Cooling/Heating Coils
  • Alloy Piping Spools
  • Rotating Equipment
  • Mixers/Blenders
  • Equipment Skids
  • End Clousure
  • Other Steel Structures

Openex's Fabrication Capability:

Openex’s 730,000 square meters manufacturing facility provides ample space for the fabrication, welding, and machining of each custom pressure vessel. Equipped with oxy-fuel and plasma cutting systems, heavy fabrication equipment, manual and CNC machining centers, and overhead cranes capable of handling up to 450 tons, Custom ensures high-quality production of any sized pressure vessels capable of passing the most strict, non-destructive examination and hydro-testing requirements. 

Contact us at or call us at +86 186 5928 0806 for more information about fabrication for pressure vessels and to receive a free project quote today.

Our Full-Service Metal Fabrication - metal cutting and sheering, metal forming, bending, and rollingweldingCNC machining, sheet metal assembly, and quality inspection

Machining Services: Multi-Axis Machining, 5-Axis Machining, CNC Milling | Vertical and Horizontal, CNC Turning | Vertical and Horizontal, CNC Engineering, CMM Inspection

Material Types: castings, forgings, fabricated weldments, billets, bar stock, and plate

Metal Materials we worked: Stainless steel, Carbon Steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, chromium, copper, Monel, nickel,  titanium, zinc, and many other superalloys.

Contact us at or call us at +86 186 5928 0806 for more information about fabrication for the Oil and Gas industry and to receive a free project quote today.

Other Industries Served: Aerospace, Construction, Energy, Food Processing, Heavy Equipment, Marine, Material Handling, Medical, Military, Mining, Offshore, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Power, Rocket, Space, Transportation, and Truck

About Openex

Openex is home to a full-service, one-stop-shop, contract manufacturing company producing custom large machined parts and fabrications. Our full large fabrication services including large machining, cutting, welding, rolling, punching, braking, testing, painting, and others.
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