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Sandblasting & Painting

As part of our comprehensive job shop services, at Openex we offer coating services that cover everything from small parts to our specialty, which are large, oversized weldments. Our coating service department is anchored by three large, state-of-the-art steel grit blasting booths with a max dimensions of 29000mm in length x 5500mm in width x 6000mm in height, followed by three paint booths with 29000mm x 6000mm x 6000mm capacity. We are capable of building customized racking systems for parts of any size as well as transport fixtures to facilitate the processing of large fabrications.

sandblasting for large fabrications painting for large fabrications

Pre-coating preparation ensures uniform coating adhesion. We can remove old coating layers as well as wash and degrease parts prior to coating application. Using various sizes of steel grit, we can alter the surface profile to accommodate a range of coating types. We also mask off portions of a workpiece for selective coating applications or to protect sensitive machine surfaces.

Along with zinc enriched epoxy, polyurethane, and enamel coatings, we also spray on oil-based alkyd and chemical-resistant aliphatic formulations. We use airless and air-assist nozzles as well as air-assist agitated pot painting methods for ensuring consistent distribution of coatings with suspended pigments. Numerous quality checks include monitoring and adjustment of the booth atmosphere as well as digital profiling of the workpiece surface and coating layer, both in-process and upon completion.

As a company that specializes in large fabrications and assemblies, we have the equipment it takes to provide a durable, protective, and aesthetically pleasing coating on your equipment and machinery. Contact us at to learn more about our coating capabilities.

About Openex

Openex is home to a full-service, one-stop-shop, contract manufacturing company producing custom large machined parts and fabrications. Our full large fabrication services including large machining, cutting, welding, rolling, punching, braking, testing, painting, and others.
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