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Thermal Stress Relieving Capabilities

Stress Relieving Furnace

  • Thermal (ambient to 800 ℃) Rail Car Bottom Furnace
  • 11 meters wide x 35 meters long x 12.5 meters tall
  • 800 tons. capacity with car bottom loading
  • State-of-the-art computer controls
  • Capable of special runs with tighter than normal temperature spreads
  • All runs produce certified stress relief temperature charts
  • In Process Testing / Inspection Performed
  • Certified Stress Relieve Chart
  • Equipment Calibrated

Industry for Use

Industry Standards

  • ASME
  • AWS

Thermal Stress Relieving

Our large, programmable furnaces provide stress relief, anneal and normalizing heat treating services and we have been certified for Military, ASME, and commercial applications. Our large capacities can handle most product sizes while maintaining consistent heat treatment over wide temperature ranges.

As a major provider of large-scale fabricated, welded, and machined structures and assemblies, we understand the importance of thermal stress relieving. Welding, burning, and other fabrication processes can cause a build-up of residual stress in steel fabrications, which can lead to stress-corrosion cracking, distortion, and other undesirable effects. By relieving this built up tension in a controlled manner, we reduce the risk of dimensional changes or other quality issues affecting the workpiece during further processing or while in service. Also, stress relieving workpieces prior to machining or grinding enables us to hold the tightest machining tolerances.

Inside our large facility, we have a 11m wide x 35m long x 12.5m tall thermal furnace with a 800-ton capacity capable of operating from ambient to 800℃(equals 1472℉) temperature range. Rail-mounted, car bottom loading allows us to transfer large and heavy welded fabrications into and out of the furnace, while state-of-the-art computer controls enable us to keep exceptional temperature uniformity within tighter than normal set-points. For each run, we provide certified stress relief temperature charts to confirm compliance with ASME and AWS standards.

We use this large capacity oven to stress relieve pressure vessels, weldments, and steel fabrications to improve overall integrity and fatigue life. We offer this as a stand-alone service as well as for our own fabrications. This furnace is routinely calibrated in compliance with ASME standards to optimize performance and ensure system accuracy.

For more information about our stress-relieving capabilities and its importance for your application, contact us at now.

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