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Large Machining

We are one of the very few companies in the world to provide large machining services on all sizes, especially on large and extraordinarily large, or heavy components requiring high precision. Advanced machine tools and measuring machines, well educated and experienced working team, coupling with our inherent enthusiasm to respect and satisfy our customers distinguish us from other machining service provider.

Our CNC machines include models from Germany, Japan,

Schiess–VMG6 PS,

Waldrich Corburg-XK2650





PAMA–Speedram 180

Double Gantry Boring-Milling Machine:

Large Boring Mill:

Turning-Milling Machining Center:

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The machine fleet including the above listed machine tools allows us to complete even the largest machining projects ever known on earth. For example, the VMG6 PS by Schiess is a double gantry 7-axis machining centre with bed size up to 50x8x7m to withstand max 450tons load. It can carry out milling, turning, boring, drilling and grinding on extraordinary large work piece, its turning face plate is up to 6000mm. The machine tool is also equipped with a Kuka robot to rapidly replace cutter heads. To ensure of ideal precision all the time, we set and use the machine tools in a windowless room equipped with air conditioners to have a clean, constant temperature and humidity environment.

A Leica AT901-LR laser tracker is to examine the machine tools working in good order all the time. This laser tracker can measure any large object within a sphere area of 80m in semi-diameter, the measurement accuracy is up to a micron. One of our Zeiss measuring machines can work on component up to 7000x4000x3000mm with an accuracy of up to 0.43μm


To carry on various kind of machining tasks which may not be so large, we have prepared smaller sized machine tools as well.

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