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Beam Steel Structure Fabrication

Openex is a market leader In the custom fabrication of steel structures serving clients in construction, engineering, bridge, marine,  shipbuilding, and a wide variety of manufacturing industries.

Our expert teams can readily produce steel beams to your exact specifications with length of up to 15 m..

Beam Steel Structures we produce include Flat bars, Square bars, IPE beams, I beams, Re-bars, H beams, Tubes, U-profile, Round bars, T beams, Cold drawn round bars, etc.
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H beams steel structure fabrication

Beam Steel Structure is mainly used to manufacture metal structures. Beam Steel Structures are used as structural metal frames that allow not only to facilitate the construction members possessing unnecessarily large safety factor, but also to create more cost-effective form of supports and cross-sections of individual members, thus reducing the weight of the metal structure.

Beam Steel Structures are cost-effective in the construction of buildings and structures, engineering industry, and T-sections are commonly used in shipbuilding industry. Beam Steel Structures are used in the construction of floor decks, coatings, support pillars, working platforms, scaffold bridges, bridges, crane beams and other steel structures.

The manufacturing process of Beam Steel Structure:

Cutting of metal sheet into strips of desired length and width by means of CNC machine for laser/plasma cutting.

Machining process of the strip ends by means of end-milling machine or edge planer. Clean and smooth edges ensuring the improvement of further welding quality are obtained from this process.

Assembling of welded construction from three prepared steel members on-machine be means of cranes. Tack welds are fitted from one side to ensure strength and stiffness of the beam during its transferring to the place welding work performance.

Welding of straight butt welds, longitudinal joints, fillet welds and girth seam under a uniform flux layer. The main seams are welded in total.

Tapping die of Beam Steel Structure tapes through the specific roll system, resulting in recovering of their geometry and loss of “mushroomlikeness”.

Drilling of holes of the desired diameter in the walls of the beam for the fitting of rivet joints and screw connections. Before this procedure the location of future holes are accurately marked with single-points perforation followed by expansion by method of drilling.

Overlapping of the beam with anti-corrosion coating by airless spraying and further drying of the construction.

Advantages of Beam Steel Structures

Metal structures including a welded flange beam a welded double-tee beam, provide tangible economic benefits in the construction of various structures and buildings different in their type.

The use of welded flange beams in the composition of framed metallic structures can significantly alleviate the members of these structures with increased safety factor.

In addition, the use of Beam Steel Structures enables the creation of cost effective forms of supports.

This in turn reduces the metal consumption of buildings and structures.

The manufacturers of rolled metal products do not produce rolled beams larger than 60B. Therefore, Beam Steel Structures are used in cases of the necessity for constructions the severity and strength of which exceed the capacity of rolled sections.

The use of different steel grades in the process of the beam manufacturing (bi-steel beam) allows to reduce the cost of the beam by mean of manufacturing the most stressed beams sections from high-strength steel and less stressed sections – of mild steel. The possibility to use different types of steel for manufacturing the plates and walls of the beam. It ensures the reducing of the Beam Steel Structure cost.

The possibility to manufacture Beam Steel Structures with holes and openings, as well as to manufacture perforated beams.

The perforated wall of the beam is formed by cutting the wall of an I-beam in a zigzag line, followed by a shift of halves and butt welding of the parts of the I-beam on the walls relief.

The bearing capacity of the cross-cutting I-beams exceeds the carrying capacity of the original I-beam, as achieved by their higher altitude.

Openex's Fabrication Capability:

Openex’s 730,000 square meters manufacturing facility provides ample space for the fabrication, welding, and machining of each custom metal component. Equipped with oxy-fuel and plasma cutting systems, heavy fabrication equipment, manual and CNC machining centers, and overhead cranes capable of handling up to 250 tons, Custom ensures high-quality production of any sized metal parts capable of passing the most strict, non-destructive examination and hydro-testing requirements. 

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