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Steel Perforated Plate Supplied for Scientific Research Project: A Case Study

Perforated plates play a crucial role in various industries, providing a versatile solution for filtration, ventilation, and separation applications. Recently, our company had the privilege of supplying over 80 precision-engineered steel perforated plates for a significant scientific research project.

steel Perforated plate

Project Description

The scientific research project demanded perforated plates of exceptional quality and precision. Each plate was meticulously crafted from 304 stainless steel cold rolled sheets, renowned for their durability and corrosion resistance. The plates were manufactured with a thickness of 2 mm, ensuring optimal strength while maintaining a lightweight design.

Key Specifications:

To fulfill the project requirements, each plate had to accommodate an astounding number of holes. With more than 44,000 holes per plate, the challenge lay in achieving consistent accuracy and maintaining structural integrity. The holes themselves had a diameter of 5 mm, while the hole clearance was an astonishingly narrow 0.8 mm.

Cutting Techniques: Laser Cutting vs. Punching:

In the realm of perforated plate manufacturing, two primary methods dominate the industry: laser cutting and punching. Laser cutting employs a high-powered laser beam to meticulously slice through the material, resulting in precise cuts with minimal thermal distortion. On the other hand, punching involves forcefully puncturing the metal using a die and a punch.

The decision to utilize laser cutting for this project was motivated by the need for exceptional accuracy and minimal distortion. The TRUMPF Trulaser 5040, renowned for its precision and versatility, was chosen as the primary equipment for this task. By leveraging laser-cutting technology, we ensured that each plate adhered to the project's strict tolerances while maintaining the structural integrity of the stainless steel.

stainless steel Perforated plate

Quality Control and Delivery

To guarantee the highest level of accuracy, our team implemented a rigorous quality control process. Each plate underwent meticulous inspection, with advanced measuring instruments ensuring that the dimensions of the holes and clearance met the project's exacting requirements. Additionally, after laser cutting, the plates underwent a thorough straightening process, ensuring their flatness and integrity.

Meeting the deadline was crucial for the success of the scientific research project. Our company employed meticulous project management techniques, coordinating production, inspection, and delivery processes to ensure on-time completion. By leveraging our expertise in supply chain management, we successfully delivered the stainless steel perforated plates promptly, meeting the expectations and requirements of the customer.

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