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SCHIESS Vertimaster VMG 6PS Machining Center

SCHIESS Vertimaster VMG 6PS

  Height max 7000mm      Equipment
  Width max. 8000mm   Autom.Attachment Changer 24slots
  Bed Length 50000mm   Autom.Tool Changer 200slots
  Face PlateØ 6000mm   Straight Heads 2xGB 1N   2xGB 1XN  1x GB 1XXN
  Power 296kw   Angled Heads 2x wb 1N  3x WB 1XN  1x WF 2N
  Speed max. 40rpm   Universal Heads 1x UB 1N  1x UB 1XN
  Torque max. 323kNm   Facing Heads 1x GPD 630N  1x WPD 630N
  Portal 1   Reduction Sleeves 2x 60/50
  RAM size Ø560mm  Standard Tool/Holder 1x
  Milling Power 100kw  Turning Tool Holder 2x
  Portal 2  Multiple Tool Holder 3x
  RAM size 640*570mm
  Power 100kw

SCHIESS machining center

SCHIESS machining center

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