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Q345R Pressure Vessel Steel Plate For Petrochemical Industry

Name: Pressure Vessel Plate

Material: Q345R

Thickness: 55mm

Length: 10 Meters

Piece Weight: 9.5 Tons

Manufacturing Process: Cutting,  Beveling,  Packaging, etc.

pressure vessel steel plate

Those pressure vessel plates are for a customer in the petrochemical industry. This batch of pressure vessel plates is 55mm thick, 10m long, and weighs 9.5 tons per plate. The manufacturing processes mainly are cutting and beveling, and the customer requires that the four sides of the plate are arc grooves.

pressure vessel plate beveling

What's Pressure Vessel Plate?

Pressure vessel plate is used to produce pressure vessels due to its tensile strength, notch toughness, ductility, and fatigue characteristics.

Before examining the properties of pressure vessel plate grades, here are a few terms used to describe the properties of steel, defined:

Strength: the load the steel can bear. Steel strength is determined by yield point and tensile strength. A yield point is a point at which a material is stressed to the point where it deforms but does not break. Tensile strength is the amount of stress needed for the material to break.
Notch Toughness: the level of impact steel can absorb before denting, typically measured by a Charpy Impact test.
Ductility: the capability of a material to be stretched out before it becomes weak or brittle. Ductility is measured by elongation, which is the percent the length of a stretched material increases before it breaks.
Each of these properties impacts the applications and use of pressure vessel plates, and their influence on the use of primary pressure vessel plate grades will be explored below.

A pressure vessel is a container designed to hold liquids or gases at a pressure often different to the surrounding atmosphere. Due to the nature of the substances being stored, which in certain cases may be hazardous, it is imperative that the construction material meets the exacting safety standards required for the application. At Openex, we stock and supply a wide range of pressure vessel steel plate grades where safe operating pressure is critical.
We have a global reputation for the supply of high-quality pressure vessel steel to fabricators and many of them are suppliers to some of the world's largest gas, oil and petrochemical companies.

We stock and supply a wide range of pressure vessel steel plate grades for working environments where safe operating pressure is critical.

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