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Custom Fabrication of Mining Truck Dump Body

We offer metal fabrication of dump bodies to customers in the heavy equipment industry. Using the latest fabrication technology available, we applied our cutting, bending, welding,and machining capabilities to form the body from abrasion resistant steel plate. Our large welding robots and positioners ensured accurate and precise welds, which were UT tested to guarantee their strength. 

The dump body had an overall dimension of 5 to 6.5m long and 3 to 4m wide. We painted the body with primer and a fresh coat of yellow paint to meet the specifications of the customer. Our 160000 square mesters welding workshop have the producing capability of 400 sets of truck dump bodies per month. Now We delivers about 85 sets of dump body per month.

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mining dump body
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More details of the truck dump body:

Product Name
Mining Truck Dump Body

Steel Fabrication Capabilities & Applied/Processes:

  • Cutting
  • Bending
  • Machining
  • Welding
  • Machining
  • UT Inspection
  • Sandblasting&Painting
  • Packaging

Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 5m to 8m
Width: 3m to 6m
As required

Tightest Tolerances
±0.05mm or as required

Material Used
Abrasion Resistant plate

Industry for Use
Heavy Construction Equipment

65 to 85 Per Month

Delivery Location
Austrilia, Mid East, Japan, Vietnam, China, etc.

Standards Met
Certified Welders
ISO, AWC and other standards as required.


Openex's Fabrication Capability:

Openex’s 730,000 square meters manufacturing facility provides ample space for the fabrication, welding, and machining of each custom metal components. Equipped with oxy-fuel and plasma cutting systems, heavy fabrication equipment, manual and CNC machining centers, and overhead cranes capable of handling up to 450 tons. Custom ensures high-quality production of all most all metal structures capable of passing the most strict, non-destructive examination and CMM inspections.

Contact us at or call us at +86 186 5928 0806 for more information about fabrication for dump bodies and to receive a free project quote today.

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Material Types: castings, forgings, fabricated weldments, billets, bar stock, and plate

Metal Materials we worked: Stainless steel, Carbon Steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, chromium, copper, Monel, nickel,  titanium, zinc, and many other superalloys.

Contact us at or call us at +86 186 5928 0806 for more information about fabrication for the Oil and Gas industry and to receive a free project quote today.

Certifications: ISO 9001, 14001,18001, CE EN 1090-1, ISO 3834, ABS, AWS, API, ASME, DNV.GL.

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Openex is home to a full-service, one-stop-shop, contract manufacturing company producing custom large machined parts and fabrications. Our full large fabrication services including large machining, cutting, welding, rolling, punching, braking, testing, painting, and others.
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