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Large Welding Fabrication Components of Ball Mill For Mining

Recently, the large welding fabrication parts of ball mills for mining were delivered successfully. The components we supplied in this project are the mill shells and bearing housings of the ball mills with a diameter of 8 meters.

8 m diameter ball mill shell

Ball mill is a type of grinding machine that uses balls to grind and remove material. It consists of a hollow compartment that rotates along a horizontal or vertical axis. It’s called a “ball mill” because it’s literally filled with balls. Materials are added to the ball mill, at which point the balls knock around inside the mill.

Ball mills consist of the following components:

Inlet – crushed ore is fed to the ball mill through the inlet. A scoop ensures the feed to the mill is constant.
Discharge – reduced feed exits the mill through the discharge.
Mill Shell – the shell is the cylindrical casing of the ball mill. The inside of the shell is fitted with manganese steel alloy plates (‘armour’) that protect the steel shell from abrasion; it is also possible to use rubber as armour rather than manganese steel.
Ring Gear – a gear ring installed on the outer periphery of the shell.
Electric Motor – a motor used to rotate the shell. The motor drive train leads to a gearbox than a ring gear. The motor is usually fitted with a variable speed drive (VSD) to control the rpm of the ball mill.
Gearbox – used for speed reduction from the motor to the ball mill.
Balls – usually manufactured from manganese alloy steel, but the material depends upon for what material the mill will grind (chrome steel alloy and rubber also available). The size of the balls depends upon the size of the shell, typical ball sizes are two to three inches in diameter (four-inch balls are also possible).
Bearings - smaller ball mills use anti-friction cylindrical roller bearings. Larger ball mills use trunnion bearings.

Ball mill is utilized broadly in manufacturing powders like glass ceramics, fertilizer, refractory material, silicates, cement, and other mining industries. Ores and other various materials whether dry or wet can be ground by the ball mill. Ball mills are of two kinds depending on their kinds of discharging material: overfall type, and grate type. Grinding media of various kinds are appropriate to be used in ball mills, each material has its own particular benefits and characteristics. Composition, hardness, density, and size are the main characteristics of the grinding media.

8 m diameter ball mill component

Openex is a custom steel fabrication specialist for the mining equipment industry. We have earned an excellent reputation in the industry for the quality of the steel and alloy products we build. We understand that high-quality workmanship, meeting delivery schedules and value are important to our customers in the mining industry.

ball mill bearing housing

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