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Large Metal Parts Fabrication and Assemblies for Metal Baler: A Project Case

In the world of metal fabrication, custom equipment fabrication plays a vital role in meeting the unique needs of various industries. One such project involved the fabrication of large metal parts and assemblies for a metal baler, catering to the requirements of a leading enterprise in the metal baling industry. This article presents a comprehensive overview of the project, highlighting the fabrication process, precision, and welding quality achieved.

custom equipment fabrication for metal baler

Project Details

Custom equipment fabrication is a specialized process that involves designing, engineering, and manufacturing tailor-made machinery and equipment to suit specific industry requirements. In this case, the project centered around the creation of a large metal baler, a powerful machine designed to compress and shape metal materials into compact bales.

The metal baler, crafted primarily from Q355B medium-thick plates ranging from 30 to 200mm in thickness, possessed an impressive capacity of 100 tons. This heavy-duty machinery demanded precise fabrication and expert assembly to ensure optimal performance and durability. The fabrication process encompassed various stages, including cutting, beveling, machining, welding, inspection, and final assembly.

Fabrication Process

  1. Cutting: The first stage involved the precise cutting of the Q355B medium-thick plates according to the baler's design specifications. Advanced cutting techniques such as laser cutting or plasma cutting were employed to achieve accurate dimensions.
  2. Beveling: To facilitate strong and efficient welding, beveling was performed on the edges of the cut plates. Beveling ensures proper fusion and enhances the strength and integrity of the welded joints.
  3. Machining: Precision machining processes were employed to refine and shape various components of the metal baler. This stage involved milling, drilling, and other machining techniques to achieve the desired dimensions and specifications.
  4. Welding: Skilled welders meticulously joined the beveled plates using advanced welding techniques. The welding process demanded expertise to ensure high-quality welds, robust connections, and structural integrity. Stringent quality control measures were implemented to adhere to industry standards.
  5. Inspection: To maintain exceptional quality standards, thorough inspections were conducted at each fabrication stage. Quality control professionals meticulously checked the dimensions, welding quality, and overall structural integrity to guarantee the baler's reliability and performance.
  6. Assembling: The final stage involved the assembly of the fabricated parts into a fully functional metal baler. The precision and accuracy achieved during the fabrication process played a crucial role in seamlessly integrating the components, ensuring the baler's optimal functionality.


Upon completion of the project, the customer, a renowned enterprise in the metal baling industry, expressed their utmost satisfaction with the precision and welding quality of the equipment fabrication. The custom metal baler met and exceeded their expectations in terms of performance, durability, and efficiency. The success of this project further strengthened the partnership between us and the customer.

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