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Large CNC Machining Turning and Boring for Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Air-Cooled Cylinder

A Case Study in Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing

In the realm of petroleum engineering machinery, precision and durability are paramount. The manufacturing process for components used in this industry requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure optimal performance and reliability. This project article focuses on the machining of a batch of air-cooled cylinders for a prominent petroleum engineering machinery manufacturer. These cylinders are critical components of oil drilling equipment, demanding robust materials and high machining accuracy.

cast iron cylinder machining-wait for boring

Project Introduction

The project entailed the machining of air-cooled cylinders made from alloy cast iron, with each cylinder weighing a substantial 1.1 tons. The primary goal was to ensure the overall accuracy requirements of the machining process, aligning with the precise specifications provided in the engineering drawings. To achieve this, an in-depth study of the drawings was conducted, leading to the development of a detailed machining process.

Machining Process

  1. End Face Machining Scribing:
    The process commenced with end face machining scribing, which involved carefully marking and preparing the workpiece for subsequent machining operations. This step ensured accurate alignment and positioning for subsequent machining operations.
  2. Rough Turning Machining:
    To achieve the desired dimensions and surface finish, rough turning of the outer circle and inner holes was performed. The challenging aspect of this process was maintaining a tight tolerance of one-side retention, requiring the deviation to be within 2mm. Skilled technicians employed precise machining techniques and conducted meticulous measurements to ensure dimensional accuracy.
  3. Gantry Boring:
    After the rough turning stage, gantry boring was employed to create precision bores within the cylinder. This process involved using specialized equipment to remove excess material, resulting in accurate and consistent bore dimensions. The engineers carefully controlled the machining parameters to achieve the required specifications.

cast iron cylinder machining-turning

Challenges and Solutions

The project presented several challenges, particularly in the vertical turning process. The initial turning process required both the rough turning of the outer circle and the inner holes. To address this, the technicians utilized their expertise to correct the workpiece's level and center, ensuring precise positioning. Additionally, process stops were employed to enhance accuracy throughout the machining operations. These meticulous measures successfully tackled the challenges and contributed to achieving the desired machining accuracy.

Customer Satisfaction

The high level of expertise and precision exhibited by our technicians garnered positive feedback from the customer. The customers appreciated the meticulous approach taken to ensure accuracy, resulting in the production of high-quality air-cooled cylinders. By meeting the stringent requirements set forth in the engineering drawings, our team demonstrated a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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