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Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine Innse Berardi FAF260/2

Boring spindle diameter  (mm) 260-280
Ram/headstock size  (mm) 720x900
Ram/headstock horizontal stroke (W axis )    (mm) 2000
Boring spindle stroke (Z-axis )  (mm) 1800
Max. spindle power (S1)  (kw) 150
Nominal torqye on milling spindle (s1)  nm 25.000-32.000
nr. of speed range 4
Max. spindle speed  (rpm) 1.200-1.600
Ram/headstock vertical stroke (Y axis )   (mm) 6.000-10.000
Column longitudinal stroke ( (X axis )  (mm) 10.000-40.000

Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine

Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine

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