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Heavy Casting & Machining of Laser Cutting Machine Frame for Photovoltaic Power

Heavy Casting & Machining of Laser Cutting Machine Frame for Photovoltaic Power

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laser cutting machine frame for solar power

Recently, the laser cutting machine frame was completed and successfully shipped.  The laser cutting machine is used for photovoltaic power.

How does laser processing help photovoltaic power?

Laser processing has a long history in the manufacturing of solar cells since most thin-film photovoltaic modules have been manufactured using laser scribing for more than thirty years. Lasers have also been used by many solar cell manufacturers for a variety of applications such as edge isolation, identification marking, laser grooving for selective emitters and cutting of silicon wafers and ribbons. In addition, several laser-processing techniques are currently being investigated for the production of new types of high performance silicon solar cells. There have also been research efforts on utilizing laser melting, laser annealing and laser texturing in the fabrication of solar cells. Recently, a number of manufacturers have been developing new generations of solar cells where they use laser ablation of dielectric layers to form selective emitters or passivated rear point contacts. Others have been utilizing lasers to drill holes through the silicon wafers for emitter-wrap-through or metal-wrap-through back-contact solar cells. The use of lasers in solar cell processing appears destined to grow given the advances that are continually being made in laser technology.

The customer of this frame is a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic power focusing on developing high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy generation, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection.

laser cutting machine frame for solar power

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