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Gantry Milling and Boring Machine-SNK HF 12M

Gantry Milling and Boring Machine-SNK HF 12M


Effective distance between columns(mm) 6,500
Distance from table top to spindle end(Max.)(mm) 8,000
Size of working surface 29,000×6,000
(Lengthx Width)(mm)
Permissible mass workpiece(kg) 450,000
Table longitudinal travel(mm) 30,000
Spindlehead transverse travel(mm) 8,000
Ram vertical travel(mm) 3,000
Crossrail vertical travel(mm) 6,000
Spindlespeed(min-1) 2~2,000
Spindle drive motor(kW) 150~120

Gantry Milling and Boring Machine

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