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Fabrication of Pressure Vessels for EOEG plant

Here pictured are pressure vessels for an EOEG project producing acrylic acid, this project includes 38 vessels with a weight of 2400tons in total, among which there are 16 ones made of stainless steel, 20 of dual-phase steel, 2 of carbon steel. The largest one is 6.6m in diameter and 55m in length.
To meet the tight delivery of this project, we have invested more than 150 persons and more than 20 machines, which include plasma cutting machines, beveling machines, welding machines, and CNC machines.
The large vessels can be delivered from the wharf of our factory by boat, not necessary to be trucked through the roadway. This has been an important consideration by the buyer when they screened suppliers because these vessels are too long, too wide, and too high for normal roadway transportation.
Pressure Vessels Fabrication for EOEG plant
Pressure Vessels Fabrication

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