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Duplex Steel Reactors and Prefabricated Dulex Steel Towers for Pulp & Paper Industry

Name:  Duplex Steel Reactor and Prefabricated Dulex Steel Tower

Material: duplex steel

Manufacturing Process: Cutting, Edge planning, Bending(Press Braking), Plate Rolling,  Pressing, Prefabricating, Packaging, etc.

The first batches of metal fabrication products delivered are duplex steel reactors and the prefabricated tower. Relying on our own advantages, we successfully completed a number of service processes from raw materials to delivery.

duplex steel reactors

The prefabricated duplex steel towers adopted the segmented prefabrication method. During the manufacturing process, the dimension of the components needs to be strictly controlled to ensure that the equipment can be successfully assembled at the customer's site in Brazil.

prefabricated duplex steel tower

The successful delivery of the reactors and towers not only proves that Openex is fully capable of providing a wide range of pressure vessels but also marks the improvement of our pressure vessel fabrication and prefabrication capabilities, as well as the strength of our "one-stop" guarantee for customers in the energy and paper industries.

Why Use Duplex Grades for Pulp Storage Towers?

Corrosion resistance and high strength mean that duplex materials are ideal to resist wear, withstanding heavy loads, and providing a long life when exposed to high temperatures and chemicals such as sulfites, nitric acid, oleum, and cellulose.

These conditions can be extremely corrosive for some alloys. In addition, the long production runs and heavy cyclic loads experienced by paper machines mean that they can experience mechanical fatigue.

Duplex alloys perform well in these conditions and that gives them an attractive price-to-performance ratio.

Over the decades since, the pulp and paper industry has been an important market for duplexes. A new grade, S31500 was developed in 1970 to combat stress corrosion cracking in digesters where austenitic grades failed after only a couple of months. This was one of the first modern grades of duplex stainless steel. Unlike the earlier grades, these modern alloys were suitable for welding. That made them suitable for making processing equipment such as suction rollers and washing presses for paper mills, as well as pulp storage towers.

Today, modern duplex grades provide excellent corrosion resistance and high strength in high temperatures, corrosive environments and under intense loads. In addition, lean duplex alloys provide high strength, good corrosion resistance and affordability for some applications.

Duplex stainless steels provide good fatigue performance and resist abrasion, meaning that manufacturers can rely on them to produce high-quality paper in long uninterrupted production runs.

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