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A Project of High-Strength Steel Crane Arm Fabrication

In our metal fabrication workshop, something exciting happened recently. We were given the task of making strong crane arms for big trucks. This was a big deal for us because it showcased our skill in making high-quality metal parts.

metal bending parts for Cranes

Building Trust

Before this project, our customer checked us out thoroughly. They wanted to make sure we were good at what we do. They looked at our past work, how we control quality, and our fabrication ability to handle similar projects. After all this, they decided to trust us with this important job.

Testing the Products

On November 5th, we started making a few crane arms to test our process. We were making them for two types of cranes, one that can carry 35 tons and another that can carry 55 tons. Each type had five upper arms and five lower arms, making a total of 20 sets and over 200 pieces.

Exceeding Expectations

The test went really well. The crane arms we made didn't just meet our customer's expectations; they were even better. This showed that our team is dedicated and careful when it comes to making high-quality parts.

bending parts for Steel Crane Arms

Making Precision a Priority

This project had some very strict rules. Our customer wanted the crane arms to be a certain shape, straight, round, and meet other specific requirements. To make sure we got all these details right, we used a powerful machine called a 3000-ton bending forming machine.

This machine can adjust things very precisely. It can correct any bending problems at 26 different points over a length of 15 meters. This helps us make sure all the crane arms have the same angles, and it stops any problems caused by wear and tear on the machine or uneven pressure on the metal.

By using this machine, we made sure that the crane arms fit perfectly. This means they work really well when they are put together, making the trucks safe and efficient.

3000 ton brake press

Looking to the Future

As we keep working on this project, it's clear that our careful approach will help our customer a lot. The crane arms we are making will not only make the trucks better but will also save our customer money and time.

We're proud to use the best technology and make sure our products are high quality. We believe that our crane arms will become a new standard for the industry, helping trucks work better and safer.


The story of making high-strength steel crane arms for commercial trucks is all about how we care about doing our best work. Our customer trusted us, and we didn't disappoint. We used high-tech machines and followed strict rules to make sure the crane arms are just right.

As we keep making these important parts, we're excited about how they will make trucks work better and be safer. Our dedication to quality and precision shines through in every crane arm we produce. We're looking forward to the positive impact our work will have on the industry and how our crane arms will make commercial trucks safer and more efficient around the world.

If you have metal fabrication needs or are looking for high-quality parts that meet strict standards, we're here to help. Our commitment to precision and innovation is at the core of what we do. Contact us at today to discuss your project and experience the difference of working with a dedicated and skilled team. Together, we can bring your ideas to life with excellence and reliability.

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