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100 Sets of Sheet Metal Fabrication Parts for Wind Power

Name: Sheet Metal Fabrication

Quantity: 100 Sets

Material: Q345B

Main Sheet Metal Fabrication Processes: Laser Cutting(by Trumpf 3060), Bending(by 2000ton press brake).

Recently, we successfully completed the parts processing for wind power projects, and our fabrication capacity has been recognized by customers. Those sheet metal parts are used for panel enclosures for a wind power project.

bending parts for wind power

While a wind turbine’s tower and rotary blades draw a lot of attention, they can’t function as intended without the electronics and control system. Efficiency, safety, communication, and energy transmission are paramount to a successful wind energy plant. A variety of factors can negatively impact the potential of that success if not properly protected: Dust, Rain, Snow, Hail, Birds, Lightning, Ultraviolet Radiation, Humanmade Debris, Tampering, etc.

sheet metal parts for wind power

Strong, weather-resistant metal enclosures and accessories are an effective way to defend wind turbine components from damage. They fully encase piece parts, creating a secure barrier that keeps out particulate, moisture, and unauthorized personnel.

Openex offers high-volume sheet metal fabrication, welding, and metal product-focused contract manufacturing services to OEMs around the world.

Our comprehensive sheet metal fabrication capabilities include laser cutting with fiber technology, automated full sheet punching, automated panel bending and CNC forming, robotic and manual welding, AWS-certified structural welding, spot welding, assembly, powder coating, and finishing. We work with numerous metals, including the most common materials:

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