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Welding is one of the most important processes in metal fabrication. Whether you’re building a wind tower, creating machinery or even building large steel structures – you’re going to need professional welders to ensure a quality welding on your pipes, beams, posts and other components.

Openex can weld stainless and carbon steel as well as aluminum. Our welding services include

· AW






Our welding machines include models from Kawasaki, Yaskawa and other brands.

metal welding services

Welding Robot in working

To build a wind tower you need weld the pipes, to do a machine base you need welding for many parts, to build a pressure vessels you need welding too, and to build any steel structure in the construction field you need weld all kinds of beams, posts . Welding holds an important position in metal fabrication.

custom welding

Pipeline welding machine

Our plasma welding machine SAF PL130(made in France) can weld thickness 1-10mm length 12.5m metal tube.

metal tube welding

We have strip surfacing machine, with turntable 8m and load capacity 100tons, for high-demanding welding like nuclear equipment or pressure vessels welding tasks.

pressure vessels welding

We run a complete I-beam production line for our construction clients, including straightening, automatic welding and assembly. We can produce I-beams to size BxHxT = 800x1500x60mm with a maximum length of 15m.

automatic welding

Automatic welding line for I beam at customized specification

I beam welding

Stainless Steel I beam

At Openex, we carry out regular inspections on our welding equipment to ensure they’re in sound condition and operating effectively. Our welders undertake frequent training and engage in welding contests to promote professional welding and working efficiency.

Our welders have been already certified by AWS, CSS, RINA, LR, DNB and API and expect to pass certificate of ABS, ASME and ASIC as well within short future.

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