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Press Braking

Press braking is a widely used for bending sheet metals or metal plates into various profiles such as L, U, C, Z, W or tubular shapes . Openex, a professional custom metal fabrication services supplier, offers press braking services to our customers who requires these metal bending services.  

Our CNC press braking machines cover almost all available sizes in the world. 


Openex, as one of the most powful custom metal fabrication company, our press brakes' Tonnage can range from 50 tonnes to 3000 tonnes with a maximum bending capacity up to 15m(50ft)in length herein the max. Bendable steel thickness is 40mm (1 9/16”),or in other needs,we can bend or fold steel plate with thickness up to 100mm herein the max. bendable length is 12.5m.


Commonly press braked materials include:



-Galvanized steel

-Cold rolled steel

-Hot rolled steel

-High strenghth low alloy steel



URSVIKEN CNC press brake – 3000tons x 15m

Bending steel plate to form rounded tube

Cone – steel plate bending and welding

LVD-HD CNC Press Brake 2000Tons x 12.5m

Large rectangular tube made by press braking and welding

Steel beam – steel plate bending and welding

Yawei CNC Press Brake 2000tonsx12.2m

Bending steel plate parts -- purline

Bending aluminum plate parts

Yawei CNC Press Brake 500Tonsx6.2m and 400Tons x4.1m

Bending stainless steel parts

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