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Large tube plates of heat exchanger for fertilizer industry

The heat exchanger has grown bigger and bigger in many industries such as oil, chemical, food processing, etc. In order to achieve high efficiency and reduce energy-consuming. The tube plate, as an important part of the heat exchanger, to house the heat exchanging tubes, is required to be flat enough and high precision of hole drilling.

Here attached is one of the large heat exchanger tube plates a large fertilizer maker asked us to produce. It is made of metal material 20MnMo, with a diameter 3692mm, 5723 holes on the plates, and the hole depth is up to 638mm.

Our large CNC machining service is first class. We are competent to do this job because we have 27 sets multi drilling CNC machines and 11 sets deep hole drilling CNC machines, among which the largest CNC drilling machine produced by Innse Berardi can drill holes as deep as 1.1m.

China Large CNC Machining 

China Large CNC Machining


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