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ASME coded large vent stack for compressor station in petroleum transmission pipeline

Here pictured is a job of 4 units of vent stake used for a compressor station in petroleum transmission pipeline,each size at Out diameter of 1.1m,Height of 30m, and weights at 14tons.

The client has designed it to compliant with ASME SEC.Ⅷ DIV.1-2015, and a special metal material –SA516 Gr65(HIC) is used, it has a very low content of P and S, in order to give the vent stack enough corrosion resistance to hydrogen induced cracking (HIC), and good performance of anti-impact and anti fatigue.

We undertook the job for a Singapore customer and satisfied them with quality control and delivery deadline. They are very satisfied with our custom metal fabrication service.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Large vent stake made of steel grade SA516 Gr65(HIC) under fabrication

Custom Metal Fabrication

Large vent stacks almost ready for delivery

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