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Laser TrackerSwitzerlandLeicaLeica AT901-LR1
Coordinate Measuring Machine(CMM)GermanyZeissMMZG-403070 (largest one)2
CNC machine tools
Double-Gantry Milling & Boring MachineGermanySchiessVMG-6PS1
Double-Gantry Milling & Boring MachineChinaWZcustomized1
Gantry-Type Milling & Boring MachineJapanMitsubishiMVR-451
Gantry-Type Milling & Boring MachineJapanMitsubishiMVR-401
Gantry-Type Milling & Boring MachineJapanMitsubishiMVR-38/DX441
Gantry-Type Milling & Boring MachineGermanyWaldrich CoburgXK26501
Gantry-Type Milling & Boring MachineJapanOKUMAMCR-B21
Gantry-Type Milling & Boring MachineTaiwanFeelerFV 4224E1
Gantry-Type Milling & Boring MachineTaiwanFeelerFV 32151
Single Column Milling & Boring MachineChinaWZCKX53220 x65/6001
Vertical Turning and Milling  CentersGermanySchiessVME, Dia4m/50T1
Horizontal Milling & Boring MachineItalyInnse BerardiFAF 2801
Horizontal Milling & Boring MachineItalyInnse BerardiFAF 2601
Horizontal Milling & Boring MachineJapanMitsubishiMAF 150R (225)1
Horizontal Milling & Boring MachineItalyPamaSpeedram 1801
Horizontal Milling & Boring MachineItalyPamaSpeedram 1601
Horizontal Milling & Boring MachineItalyPamaSpeedmate 1601
Horizontal Milling & Boring MachineChinaWZTKS69202
Horizontal Machining CenterChina-TaiwanExtronExtron-LH10002
Horizontal Machining CenterKoreaHyundaiWIA HS63002
Horizontal Machining CenterKoreaHyundaiWIA HS80001
Horizontal Machining CenterKoreaHyundaiKH 10002
Horizontal Machining CenterKoreaDoosanHM 80006
Horizontal Machining CenterChina-TaiwanYCMH800B4
Horizontal Machining CenterChinaKunmingTH651002
Vertical Machining CenterChina-TaiwanExtronExtron-M11002
Vertical Turning CentersChinaQizhongDVT5002
Vertical Turning CentersChinaQizhongDVT4002
Vertical Turning CentersChinaWZCKX51203
Vertical Turning CentersChinaWZCKX51313
Vertical Turning CentersChinaWZCH5125B2
Multi-Drilling MachineItalyInnse BerardiCeruti6
Multi-Drilling MachineChinaShenyangGDC60130MD5
Multi-Drilling MachineChinaShenyangGDC3070MD5
Multi-Drilling MachineKoreaDaeyang6000 6000 800mm3
Deep-Hole Drilling MachineItalyInnse BerardiFMM-645311
Deep-Hole Drilling MachineKoreaDYGDMBC-40302
Equipment for metal fabrication
Laser Cutting MachineGermanyTrumpfTruLaser 80001
Laser Cutting MachineGermanyTrumpfTrulaser 50401
Punch Laser MachineGermanyTrumpfTruMatic 70001
Laser Cutting MachineSwissBystronicByLaser 60002
Laser Cutting MachineSwissBystronicBySprint Fiber30151
Laser Cutting MachineJapanTanakaLMX Ⅶ4
Plasma Cutting MachineSwedenESABErgostar Exa45001
Torch Cutting MachineGermanyMesserBed size 28x7m2
Waterjet cutting MachineUSAFlowMach3b6
Waterjet cutting MachineSwedenWJSNCT305
Plate Rolling MachineItalyFaccin3200x110mm1
Plate Rolling MachineItalySertom4100x50mm1
Plate Rolling MachineSwitzerlandHaeusler4250x210mm1
Press BrakeSwitzerlandURSVIKENL 15000mm x 3000T1
Press BrakeBelgiumLVD-HDL 12500mm x 2000T1
Press BrakeGermanyTrumpfTruBend 70362
Press BrakeGermanyTrumpfTruBend 53202
Press BrakeGermanyTrumpfTruBend 52302
Press BrakeItalyColgarColgar 160.61/811
Press BrakeChinaYaweiL 12000mm x 2500T1
Press BrakeChinaYaweiPBE305
PunchGermanyTrumpfTruPunch 50002
PunchGermanyTrumpfTruPunch 10005
Hydraulic Press, Four postsChinacustomized3500T2
Hydraulic Press, Gantry TypeChinacustomized2800T2
Plasma -Argon Arc WeldingFranceSAFPL130 , L 12500 x Thk 1-10mm1
Stress release furnaceChinaCustom made30x7x7m,  950-1100°C1
X-Ray testing roomChinaCustom made30x7x7m1
Sand blasting roomChinaCustom made(13+19)x9x9m1
Spray boothChinaCustom made(13+19)x9x9m1

Note: Our equipment is not limited to the above, please advise if you are interested to know but  can not find in above listed.

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