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All metal fabrications begin with cutting – we carry out laser cutting (most precise), plasma cutting, water-jet cutting and torch cutting,and also include shearing,sawing.

Laser Cutting

We operate 25 laser cutting machines including the TruLaser 5040, TruLaser 8000, ByLaser 6000 and a number of Tanaka and Prima laser cutters. This laser cutting fleet can meet the cutting needs of steel plates up to 25mm (1”) in thickness, precision around 0.2mm(0.008”) and the largest machine bed allow for metal plate up to 32m(105ft) in length and 4.05m(13ft) in width.

The newest model of CNC laser cutting – Bylaser 6000

TruLaser 5040 & TruLaser 8000

Plasma Cutting

Our ten plasma cutting machines allow us to cut steel plate of 16mx3.5m(52ftx11ft), with thickness between 6mm(1/4”) and 120mm(4 3/4”). Precision is +/-2mm(0.08”) for thicknesses above 12mm, and increases to +/-1mm(0.04”) when thickness is less than 12mm (1/2”).

ESAB Plasma cutting system, Ergostar Exa4500

Water-jet Cutting

We have 20 water-jet cutting machines than can be used to cut metal plates up to 9mx4m (29ftx13ft), with a precision of +/-0.8mm(0.032”).

Water-jet cutting machines

Torch Cutting

Our torch cutting facilities can meet steel cutting task for 16mx4.5m(52’5”x14’9”) with a thickness up to 300mm(11 3/4”).

Torch Cutting machine

We also have Whitney Punch-Plasma machine, allowing us to complete a sheet metal working required by punch and cutting on the same bed, which save time to change move work piece from cutting machine to punching machine.

Whitney Punch-Plasma machine

Other processes Openex can do includes decoiling, splitting, leveling, and grinding (e.g. stainless steel coil oily grinding, plate dry grinding, plate oily grinding) for sheet metal prior to being cut.

Sheering machine

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