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Year of completion:2005-now

We have contracted to do the steel fabrication works for controlling water flow through dams. The steel works we delivered Including radial gates, slide gates, trash screens and the hoist(crane) to lift them.

The radial gate (also called Tainter Gate or Taintor Gate) is a floodgate consisting of a suitably reinforced steel skin plate with two pivoting radial arms in either sides. It is required to be strong enough to withstand the water pressure. The pivoting radial arms are individually located at the ends by a steel mounted ‘trunnion’ located on the adjacent concrete walls to enable circular rotation of the gate to be achieved during the ‘opening/closing’ operations. The operational mechanism is a cable-hoist system which consists of two wire rope cables, machined drums, cross shaft and gearbox and a hoist frame.

The slide gate is another type of floodgate to provide a vertical water barrier in waterworks, inside a pressured system or in open water channels. It is of heavy duty steel fabricated plate reinforced with several steel sections, and can be raised or lowered by a crane installed over right over the slide gate.

Both of the above two types of the steel gate require high strength against the water pressure, and relative high precision for easy operation. The slide gate shall be flat so that it can be raised and lowered by crane smoothly. In the case of radial gate, the two sides of the curve skin plate shall be fabricated exactly as designed, otherwise it would cause serious friction, in the worst, the circular rotation of the gate can’t be achieved. Our experience and knowhow on fabrication of such kind of steel works enable us to satisfy our customers without special effort.

In front of floodgates, either radial gate or slide gate, trash screen is generally needed to prevent waterborne debris (sediment, weeds, timber, animal carcases, litter and household and non-domestic waste) from entering culverts, spillways, penstocks and dam intakes.

We produce all of the steel fabricated components described above by cutting, roll forming, welding, assembling and painting exactly as per customer’s drawings. Thanks to good quality , lower cost and speedy delivery, our OEM fabrication service have contributed to irrigation construction for national wide and south east countries.

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