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Year of completion:2002 to 2015

We are capable of producing various kind of steel pontoons for use in floating bridges, engineering platforms, ferries, docks, aprons or any other marine applications. The pontoons we supply are modularly designed to tailor make modular ferry of various sizes to meet customer’s specific needs.

As an example of application, we can construct a temporary ferry by the steel pontoons at following specification. The pontoons can be carried by truck(s) into narrow water area where a ferry with below size can not enter.

Overall length:60m

Overall width: 11m

Moulded depth:1.5m

Effective loading area: 288 m2

Dispersive loading : 200tons

Trailer loading: 130ton (single trailer)

Full Load draft: 0.8m

Empty load displacement: 0.4 ton

Speed: over 7km/h (Driven by two motorboats attached to the broadsides

Temperature suitable: 0 to 50℃

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