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Year of completion:2004

The steel coil right after hot rolling usually will be put on floor, waiting for cooling down, then be carried to warehouse or where it is to be. The large size steel chassis pictured here is specially designed to allow the coil to load directly on its V-shape top, so that when needed a semi-tractor can go into beneath the chassis, lift it up, and go where the coils are needed. With this kind of chassis, the coils are lift and load only once before they are taken out from the steel mills, no need to be put onto the floor and load on vehicle with crane. So the chassis can also be called pallet, it help improve the logistics management of steel mills.

We contracted to build 36pcs of such steel chassis, among which there are 26pcs with hard wooden plate secured by bolts onto its V-shape top to serve as cushion. The max load capacity of this chassis is 200tons of coils, max weight of each coil is 32tons, while the weight of the chassis itself weights only 17tons.

The steel material used to produce the chassis are H beams, HxB 294x200, 200x200, 175x175, 175x90, steel angle L30x3, L50x5, L63x6,L75x8, steel channel 300x87, square tube 200x6, coupling with steel plates and checked plates of different thickness from 2.5mm to 30mm.

This chassis is finally coated with epoxy paints after fabrication, and installed with reflective plastic signs on rear and sides for safety purpose.

As the size of the goods is too large, the production occupied large area, the move and turn down during production required large capacity crane, luckily our manufacturing is based at water front area, the whole of the job has been completed without much effort, and the goods were easily carried to Chiba port of Japan by charter.

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