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Year of completion: 2011

The steel truss bridge pictured here is a hot dip galvanized one, all the steel elements including beams, posts, struts, braces, stringers, chords, fasteners and all necessary parts are supplied from China, test assembled before being loaded into containers. It took us only six weeks to finish the steel fabrication and one month to arrive in Africa, three months for erection.

The steel used for the bridge are of high strength, with yield strength more than 345 Mpa. Hot dip galvanization enable long service life for more than 50years.

We are professional in supplying or custom make prefab steel fabricated components for various kind of truss bridges, over truss bridge or through truss bridges. In addition, steel pedestrian bridges, steel beam bridges, steel girder bridges are within our business scope, only if they are steel fabricated, no matter for large or small span, no matter require heavy or light load, and no matter to be painted or hot dip galvanization( component length within 15m per piece).

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