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Year of completion: 2011

The products in the photos are parts of a specially designed potato planting machine which is needed urgently. we were asked to price for every part once the drawings was completed. There are more than two hundreds of different parts so the quotation period lasted for about half a year before we finally step on the gear of production.

The production consists of processes of laser cutting, sawing, bending, punching, deep drawing, machining, shot blasting,painting and assembling. Carbon steel, alloy, stainless steel, aluminum are needed for the fabrication. The purchase for tens of fasteners, outsourcing for driven shafts, chain, bearings, sprockets in short time was completed in an unbelievable short term. So far everything just went perfect before a fatal design mistake was found during the production, and we had to work out with the customer’s designer for correction which had held the production back for more than two weeks. Besides all of this, bad weather (humidity) slowed the progress of painting for another week.  Even we had gone through so many accidents, we still successfully finished the job only two days behind the deadline. 

Guess what? After the machinery was put into use, there was a stainless steel shaft got broken making the quality of the shaft in question. Luckily we kept spare ones for test, and to our relief the test result showed that nothing wrong with the material. The issue was finally fixed. However, we still highly suggest that sufficient time is a vital factor for quality. 

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