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Year of completion:2005

Chain conveyors are widely used in motor maker’s production line, to move semi-finished car forward step by step. It can be easily imaged if without chain conveyor, the workers need to move car forward to next position all by crane,which is not so efficient.

We were given the job by the customer to produce 50pcs of chain conveyors with 3 sizes: following our successful supply of steel chassis to another Japanese customer. The main steel material used for the fabrication of the conveyor frame is a special steel channel which are not of popular specification. We succeeded to obtain the channel by roll forming. For the chain conveyor fabrication, cutting, punching, pressing, machining, and welding were precisely done, painting was carefully finished. The most critical is that the frame shall be adequately square , which can be easily checked by measuring the difference of the two diagonal lines. The result checked by the customer was within tolerance +/- 2mm.

Considering of the convenience of maintenance, the following parts are imported from Japan:

All the imported parts were installed onto the conveyor frame to make sure the operation of full unit was going well before they were exported. Of course the import parts were of tax free as they were completely exported under the audit of the customs.

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