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What is large machining?

Large machining is mainly using large-scale mechanical parts of the rough shape to measure and process. Do you know the processing method of the process?

Large CNC Milling

Large-scale mechanical processing is the workpiece or parts manufacturing process steps directly to change the rough shape, size and surface quality, and makeit a part. For example, a common part of the processing process is roughing - finishing - assembly - inspection - packaging, which is a general process.

Large-scale mechanical processing technology is based on the process to change the shape of the object of production, size, relative position and nature, and make it a finished or semi-finished products at last. That is a detailed description of each step. Such as large cnc milling.

Large-scale mechanical processing of the process is a more reasonable process to determine the process down to become the basis for construction documents. That is, the process and method of operation by a certain format with the form of a document down to become a process specification. The level of detail of the process is related to the type of production.

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