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During large vertical CNC turning process you must know

Last news I introduce large CNC machining you need notice, today I wanna to talk about during large vertical CNC turning process you must know.

Large Vertical CNC Turning

1. In the high-precision workpiece molding process, you should use dial gauge on the spindle tool to detect, making the static beating control within 3μm. If necessary, re-clamping or replacement of the tool holder system;

2. Whether it is the first processing of parts or cyclical repetitive processing of parts, before the process, you should use procedures and tools to adjust the card, the knife-by-paragraph, paragraph-by-paragraph procedures check accordance with the pattern;

3. Single-stage trial cut, the rapid rate switch must be placed in the lower gear;

4. First use of each knife, you must first verify the actual length of its compensation value is consistent with the given;

5. During the program is running, we should focus on observation of several display on the CNC system:

Coordinate display: You can understand the current tool movement point in the machine coordinate system and the workpiece coordinate system position to understand the amount of exercise this block, how much the amount of remaining exercise;

Register and Buffer Register Display: You can see the status of each block and the contents of the next block: Main program and subprogram display: You can know the details of the block being executed.

Dialogue display (Custom): You can understand the current machine tool spindle speed, the current cutting feed rate, spindle feed per revolution, the spindle cutting load and the current travel axis load, and each spindle cutting feed can be calculated from the corresponding tool Cutting edge.

6. When the cutting tool is running to the workpiece surface 30 ~ 50mm, the remaining coordinate value of the coordinate axis and the coordinate value of X and Y axis must be consistent with the pattern at the low speed feedrate.

7. For some of the tools required to test the knife, using "progressive" approach. For example, boring, you can first try a short length of boring, after passing the test, and then boring to the entire length. Tool data using the tool radius compensation function can be changed from big to small,

8. Try cutting and processing, the replacement of tools, aids, be sure to re-measure the length of the tool and modify the tool compensation value and tool compensation number;

9. The program search should be noted that the location of the cursor is reasonable and accurate, and observe the coordinates of the direction of the tool and the machine tool is correct;

10. The program changes, the modified part must be carefully calculated and carefully checked;

11. Hand feed and manual continuous feed operation, you must check the various switches to select the correct position, clear the positive and negative direction, look for keys and set the feed rate or pulse rate, and then proceed operating.

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