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Large CNC machining you must know

Openex- a comprehensive metalworking service provider. Our featured service: large CNC machining, large CNC gantry milling. Here we listed 9 tips that you should care for when running cnc machining process

Large CNC Machining

After power on, pay attention to the following:

1. The machine in power, check the switch and button are normal and flexible or not. whether the machine is abnormal;

2. Check the voltage, oil pressure, air pressure is normal or not. With manual lubrication of the first part of the manual lubrication;

3. When the machine is turned on, the axes will return to the reference point manually (machine origin). If the axis is at the zero position before the reference position, the axis must be moved to a position other than 100mm away from the origin. Then the manual reference point will be moved back or the machine will be moved to the negative position in this position. Reference point;

4. In the rotary table exchange, there are none things in the table or shield;

5. NC program input is completed, which should be carefully proofread, to ensure correct. Including code, instruction, address, value, sign, decimal point and grammar check;

6. According to the installation process to find a good fixture;

7. The correct measurement and calculation of workpiece coordinate system, and the results of verification and checking;

8. The workpiece coordinate system input to the offset page, and the coordinates, coordinates, signs and decimal points to carefully check;

9. The tool compensation value (length, radius) After entering the offset page, to the tool offset number, compensation value, sign, decimal point to carefully check.

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