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Why a Chinese company won over other 17 western competitors in a large tender from GASCO

Egyptian Natural Gas Company (GASCO) is a subsidiary of the Egyptian Holding Company for Natural Gas operating in the field of natural gas transmission, distribution and processing. It operates the gas grid with total length of 22,000 kilometres (14,000 mi) which has extended to neighboring countries through the Arab Gas Pipeline.

In early half of 2016, in a large tender of the supply of pressure adjusting system for national power plant, a fierce competition was engaged among 18 companies including a Chinese supplier and the rest 17 all western formidable rivals. The Chinese company won eventually,despite of the slanders GASCO received from one of the competitors that the quality and delivery of a Chinese company would be worried.

Now, we can safely say GASCO has made a wise choice, as the key job of the pressure adjusting system -- 12 units of cyclone separators have been completed in our workshop far earlier than expected and passed the final QA check.

As a subcontractor for the fabrication of the cyclone separators, we manufacture all horizontal and vertical pressure vessels, connecting pipe lines between the vessels, elbows, flanges, manholes, and capped ends. The manufacturing processes involved are plate cutting, beveling, roll forming, welding, stress relief, NDT inspection, pressure test, test assembling, coating, and packaging for delivery. Every step has been carried out strictly under related regulations and been checked closely.

We are a professional company to undertake all kinds of and all sizes of metal fabrication works, as well as large machining works. We have certificates of API,ASME,ABS,DNV,LR which enable us to carry out most of fabrication works of pressure vessels,tanks,pipe lines for the industries of Petrol,Gas,Chemical,Energy,Ship construction,Bridge Building and Machinery Manufacturing.

High quality, low cost, fast delivery, and good service are our commitment and edges. Based in China,help for all the world.

Metal Fabrication Works

Plate roll forming for outer cylinder by Sertom rolling machine

Metal Fabrication Works

Checking the roundness of the pipe after roll forming

Metal Fabrication Works

Welding on outer cylinder after its plate roll forming

Metal Fabrication Works

Welding of inner tubes

Metal Fabrication Works

Visual inspection on welding of outer cylinder

Metal Fabrication Works

Stress relief after welding

Metal Fabrication Works

Press testing

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