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Some skills when large CNC machining

We supply large CNC machining service for people, today we tell you some skills when CNC machining.

1. White knife speed can not be too fast.

2. Copper less open with a white steel knife, multi-use knife or alloy knife.

3. Workpiece is too high, should be layered with different length of the knife to open coarse.

4. With a knife to open rough, the application knife and then clear the remaining material, to ensure the same amount of light before the knife.

The flat surface is machined with a flat blade to reduce machining time.

6. Copper cleaver, the first check the angle R size, and then determine how much the ball knife.

7. School surface flat four corners to gong flat.

8. Where the slope is an integer, the application of gradient knife processing, such as pipe position.

9. Do each process, think of a process after the remaining margin before processing to avoid empty knives or processing too much and knife.

Try to walk a simple knife road, such as appearance, digging groove, single-sided, less walking around the contour.

Take WCUT, can go FINISH, do not go ROUGH.

12. Outline light knife, the first rough light, then fine light, the workpiece is too high, the first light side, then light at the end.

13. Set the tolerances reasonably to balance the machining accuracy and the computer's calculation time. Open coarse, the tolerance set to the margin of 1/5, light knife, the tolerance set to 0.01.

If you want to learn more large machining, you can send email to bell@openex.com.cn.

06May, 2019

Air purifier

06May, 2019

Air purifier

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