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How to monitor and make adjustment during automatic machining process(1)

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When finished the debugging of the CNC program, the work piece starts to run automic machining. Here are some points during the CNC machining process.

1. Monitoring cutting load:

Cutting tools works along the predetermined cutting trace and with the cutting parameters during the automic machining process. At this point, the operator should pay attention to the changes of cutting load and adust it according to the cutting tool bearing capcacity to maxmize the efficiency of the machine.

2. Monitoring the voice of workpiece cutting:

When you start to cut the workpiece, the voice of the cutting process should be stable and light, at this time the machine tools works in normal condition. With its further machining work, the machine tool might work rough or even become unstable, this is caused by the hard inclusions on the workpiece or tool wear or cutter clampping problems, and will lead to the changes of working voice that the cutter and workpiece colide each other forming crashing voice. At this moment you should adjust your cutting parameters, when it doesn't work, you have to suspend your machine and check the tool and workpiece conditions.

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06May, 2019

Air purifier

06May, 2019

Air purifier

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