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Upgrade on our NDT capability for large components

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully introduced 4Mev stand wave electron linac into our RT inspection system. It enables us to detect any internal flaws inside large metal components such as in welding seam, casting slag, blowhole which dimension under 250mm.

This electron linac is made in China, but has advanced performance even in the world. It has been widely used for medical inspection, radiation process, and science research as well. After its being put into service in our RT inspection system, the NDT inspection capacity can upgrade from original 50mm to now 250mm

Metal Works Fabrication

4Mev stand wave electron linac used in our RT system

Metal Works Fabrication

Initial operation of 4Mev stand wave electron linac

Metal Works Fabrication

Training of our staff before operation of 4Mev stand wave electron linac

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