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Asian philosophy If someone can do it, then I can do it. If people can not do it, I must do it. Arabic philosophy If someone can do it, let him do it. If people can not do it, habibi, how can I do it? Our Arabic client shared with us this interesting contrast.   Funny? A little bit. It do speak out the status queo of Asian society. Even Asian kids work their ass off in school to excel in American society. I always wonder why Asians especially east Asians play so hard. Because of the competition arouse by large population? If we fail in one thing, hardly can we succeed in another? We have been in the industry of metal work for more than a decade, but still we are learning. New Technics, new skills , new tools are coming endlessly. Striking for the best is our pursuit. Our Motto is if other can do it, we can do it better.   The very big that can not be made by others? Bring it to us. Anything too complicated for others to make? Bring it to us.   Openex, your custom metalworking professor. hashtaghashtag

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