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Maintenance of CNC Machining Center

As we all know, our company can provide large CNC machining and other relative service. Thus, many people ask that how they can maintain CNC equipment. Here I want to talk some with you.

Large CNC Gantry Milling

Proper operation and maintenance of CNC equipment can prevent machine tool wear and tear, which prevent machine tool failure. When you maintain machine tools carefully, the machine tools can maintain the accuracy of long-term stability and extend machine life. This work must be from the factory management level attention and implementation!

▌The relevant responsible person maintain

1. The operator is responsible for the use of equipment, maintenance and basic maintenance;

2. Equipment maintenance personnel responsible for the maintenance of equipment and necessary maintenance;

3. Workshop management personnel responsible for the entire workshop operators and equipment maintenance and other aspects of supervision.

▌ Basic requirements for the use of numerical control equipment

1. Numerical control equipment requirements to avoid the palce of moisture, dust and much corrosive gas;

2. Avoid direct sunlight and other thermal radiation, precision CNC equipment to stay away from vibration of large equipment, such as punching, forging equipment;

3. The equipment operating temperature should be controlled between 15 degrees to 35 degrees. Precision machining temperature to be controlled at about 20 degrees, strict control of temperature fluctuations;

1. In order to avoid large fluctuations in power supply (greater than plus or minus 10%) and possible transient interference signals, numerical control equipment is generally used green power supply (such as from the low voltage distribution room separate for CNC machine tools), additional regulator , Etc., which can reduce the impact of power quality and electrical interference.

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