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Fabrication of bucket parts for excavation machine

Fabrication of bucket parts for excavation machine

We are going to complete the fabrication of 200pcs of bucket parts for an excavation machine manufacturer. The bucket parts is made from high tensile steel grade Q345D-Z35, with following chemical composition and mechanical properties:


Nb:≤0.05;Ti:≤0.05;Cr:≤0.30;Cu:≤0.30;Mo:≤0.10;V:≤0.15; Ceq≥0.43。

Yield strength:≤16mm:≥345Mpa;16—40mm:≥335 Mpa;40—63mm:≥325 Mpa;63—80mm:≥315 Mpa;80—100mm:≥305 Mpa;100—150mm:≥285 Mpa;150—200mm:≥275 Mpa;200—250 mm:≥275 Mpa;250—400 mm:≥265 Mpa。

Tensile Strength:450—630Mpa


Impact test:-20:≥34J。

The fabrication processes include: cutting, beveling, bending and welding. By creating a special tool, we achieved reducing the bending time app. 50%, and also higher the dimension precision, especially on the angles, the width of the opening end, and the parallelism between the two edges, which are the critical points the customer had been concerned from the first meeting. 

We also created an ergonomic gauge to check the profile accuracy fast as shown in the below picture, this has been liked by the customer very much as well.

Openex has been and will keep along innovative to help our customer being easy and satisfactory on our total metal fabrication solutions

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