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Custom large component metal fabrication services – OEM metal fabrication service

Openex Mechanical Technology Ltd. is a professional metal fabrication service supplier from China to supply products and services to customers all around the world.

We are good at both fabrication and machining, our products range from complete set of machinery and equipment (like Potato Planter, Port Gantry, Crane, Conveyor, Cart, Wind Tower, Solar Tracker Frame) or projects (Steel Building, Highway Guardrail, Civil Engineering), to components (like Steel Frame, Steel Pallet, Steel Chassis, Cross Arms, Steel Bracket), and loose parts (like Steel Shaft, Beam, Post, Casting, Hardware, Fittings and even fastener). We are born to turn your drawings into reality through our hands and facilities, as long as they are made of metal-Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum or any other alloy metals.

We have full range of state of the art large machining equipment. So we can provide high quality large machining service.

Machining Equipment

Double Gantry Machining Center Fleet:

Large Machining Service

Schiess Double-Gantry Boring-Milling Machine, 50m x 8m x 7m, 450T

Large Machining Service

WZ double gantry boring-milling machine

Large Machining Service

SNK HF12M double gantry boring-milling machine, 29m x 6m x 8m, 450T

8 units of gantry machining center, Brands Include: Okuma, Mitushibishi, WZ, Feeler

 Large Machining Service

Large Machining Service

Large Boring Mill Fleet, 6 units, Brands include: Innse Berardi, PAMA, WZ

Large Machining Service

PAMA SPEEDRAM large horizontal boring-milling machine

Large Machining Service

Innse Berardi FAF280 large boring mill

Large Machining Service

WZ large horizontal boring milling machining center

Turning-Milling Machining Fleet, 11 units, Brands Include: Schiess, WZ, Qiqihar

Large Machining Service

WZ super large vertical turning-milling machining center, turning table 22m in diameter

Large Machining Service

Schiess VME turning-milling machine

Large Machining Service

Qiqihar DVT400 vertical turning-milling machine

Multi Drilling Machine Fleet, 27units, Brands Include: Innse Berardi, Daeyang, Shenyang

Deep-Drilling Machine Fleet, 11units, Brands Include: Innse Berardi, Daeyang

Fabrication Equipment:

Large Machining Service

Press Braking Machine

Max Capacity: 3000T


Quantity: 5 units

Large Machining Service

Plate Rolling Machine

3 roller, 4 roller


Quantity: 3 units

Hydraulic Pressing Machine

3500t, 630t

Quantity: 2 units

EASB strip surfacing welding machine

Large Machining Service

SAF plasma welding machine, 12.5m

Large Machining Service

Welding machine fleet, Gas shielded arc welding:Miller, Lincoln, Otc, Panasonic...

Argon arc welding: Miller, Panasonic

Inspection Equipment

Leica Laser Tracker, Measuring Scope:160m in diameter, horizontal 360°,vertical ±45°

Working Temperature: 0℃~40℃, Accuracy: Uxyz≤±15μm + 6μm/m

Large Machining Service

Germany Zeiss CMM measurement machine

Capacity: 7x4x3 m,accuracy:0.43μ

Large Machining Service

Germany Zeiss CMM measurement machine

Capacity: 3.3x2x1.5 m


Assistant Equipment

Large Machining Service

Heat Treatment Furnace Sand Blasting Booth Spray Painting Booth

30x7x7 m ,1100℃ 29x5.5x6 m 29x6x6 m

X-ray test room , floor area: 770㎡, Max testing capacity: 59x6.5x7 m, max depth: 200mm

Large Machining Service

Large Machining Service

Germany SPECTRO direct reading spectromete;

Test ability: can test C,P,S,Mn,Si,Cr,Ni,Mo over 30 elements

Manufacturing Capability


Biggest Size:46000X8000X7000 mm

Precision:±0.05 mm


Ferrous Casting: 350T

Non-Ferrous Casting: 300KG

Deep hole drilling

The maximum diameter :¢ 50.8 mm

Maximum thickness:1100 mm

Roughness:Ra 1.6

Multi drilling

Biggest Size:13000X6000 mm

Roughness:Ra 3.2

Press Brake

Maximum length:15000 mm

Maximum thickness:100 mm


Roll Forming

Maximum width:41000 mm

Maximum thickness:200(Cold) ,300 (Hot)mm



Biggest Size

Maximum Thickness


Laser Cutting




Plasma Cutting




Waterjet Cutting




Flame Cutting




Heat treatment

Method:Normalizing, Annealing


X-ray Test

Maximum Thickness :250mm(RT)


Maximum tonnage:250 t

Lifting tonnage:450 t

Height:25 m

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  • WhatsApp: +86 186 5928 0806
  • E-mail: bell@openex.com.cn
  • Add.: Unit 2205, No. 170 East Tapu Road, Siming District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China.
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