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Big and wide steel yankee dryer completed by large and precise CNCs

Steel Yankee dryer is an important component of a papermaking machine, especially in tissue papermaking industry, the quality and the efficiency of the output of the paper largely depends on the size and the quality of the steel Yankee dryer. An international famous paper making equipment manufacturing designed one with diameter 5.5meters (18ft), and width 6m (20ft), it consists of the outer cylinder, inner cylinders, hoods, hollow axle, bearing and reducer, among which we undertook most of the machining and fabrication job, because to fulfill such a large project, an array of large CNCs are needed,

1. Heavy-duty plate roll forming CNC to precisely roll form thick and wide plate.

2. Milling and turning CNC, our Schiess gantry mill CNC has turning plate of diameter 6m,and Z axle travels 8m,perfect for machining the outer cylinder.

Our cross welding machines, NDT test machines, stress relief furnace, large tonnage overhead cranes are also essential for the large project.

The customer was especially satisfied with the roundness of the cylinders and tolerance of all dimensions we have achieved.

We are a professional company to undertake all kinds of and all sizes of metalwork fabrication, as well as machining service. We have certificates of API,ASME,ABS,DNV,LR which enable us to carry out most of the fabrication works of pressure vessels,cylinders,tanks,pipe lines for the industries of Paper Making,Petrol,Gas,Chemical,Energy,Ship construction,Bridge Building and Machinery Manufacturing.

High quality, low cost, fast delivery, and good service are our commitment and edges. Based in China,help all the world.

We also supply large vertical boring milling and large vertical CNC turning.

Metal Works Fabrication

Roll forming of inner cylinders

Metal Works Fabrication

Manual polishing on the welding seams of the inner cylinder

Metal Works Fabrication

Inner cylinder of steel yankee dryer

Metal Works Fabrication

Outer cylinder of steel Yankee dryer under machining by Schiess gantry milling and turning CNC

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