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Aluminum Die Casting

We are leading high pressure die casting foundery possessing RSF(Rapid Slurry Forming) patent around the world for 15 years. We have R&D, mold design, production, such as die casting, machining, powder spray and assembly line etc. We focus on R&D, designing, production and sales of aluminum castings for telecommunication, aerospace, medical, high-speed train, clean energy, electrical etc. 

Our advantages of RSF(Rapid Slurry Forming) patented semi-solid casting processes:

1.Good mold filling capacity  can shape  extra complex and thin-wall parts , reduce weight and cost. 

2.High density with much less pores 

3.Thermal conductivity increase by 50%. 

4.Small deformation 

5.Better microstructure, less thermal cracks and severe segregation. 

6.lengthen life of a mold by 30-50% 

The difference between semi-solid casting and HPDC casting

To improve the core competitiveness of the company, we prompt R&D of new process and apply for patents for the R&D achievements in a timely manner which would increase the value of intangible assets within the company.

DM3000 Heavy-duty cold chamber die casting machine equipped ARC enclosed-loop control system and ABB control system. We have involved in 5G telecom product development for ZTE.

Aluminum Die-casting production lines:

1.Semi-casting equipment:(10 SET)

DM3000 cold chamber die-casting machine  (1SET)

1600T cold chamber die-casting machine  (3SET)

1250T cold chamber die-casting machine  (4SET)

800T cold chamber die-casting machine  (1SET)

400T cold chamber die-casting machine  (1SET)

2.Three sets of 650T extrusion casting equipment.

We build CNC machining centers, powder coating and assembly line equipped automation production lines. With combined casting with machining , we are able to save labors and improve efficiency and quality. 

The quality policy of Openex is to continuously improve our production process to provide quality assured and cost effective products with the best production cycle time. Our aluminum die casting workshop had equipped with a series of advanced inspection machines, for example, we use the latest X-ray digital technology to detect air holes or cracks in aluminum castings without destructing the metal itself, and with the help of our superior CMM test machine we can proceed dimensions inspection even for the most complex metal parts with μlevel.

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